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Friday, May 15, 2020

Damn.. This Is New York... Grab your popcorn..

 From what I can surmise, these folks don't like the local channel.


After that, it's a different subject but this is a good READ<<

Through eight years, I accepted the rules of the game. Obama was president. He won fair and square because the Republicans serially put up two milquetoast opponents who were incapable of offering a vision or articulating a message that inspired.


  1. All the blue check-marks losing their fucking minds, lol.

  2. Elections have consequences. Lets see if these "blue" states remember the lessons of this time next time they go to the ballot box.

    1. From your keyboard to Hashem's inbox!

      Too many people voting for a living for me to be confident in that, however.

  3. I wonder what he did show on the evening news....

  4. Tell that "reporter" to STFU!
    He was silent when Trump supporters were hit in the head with bike locks, chased, beat, threaten, dozed, ect.

  5. We the people are awake and pissed clear the fuck off.


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