Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Kids Are Home. Stay At Home. Salons Still Closed. The New Normal. 8:00am


  1. Fellow Inmate, Please respect our Glorious public servants...Their demands are NOT silly or "nonsense"...They are "for our own good"...How would we ever survive if they didn't inform us that we must wear masks, how far apart we are allowed to stand, when we can come out of our cells er I mean homes, when we can eat, how many people are allowed to be around us as we eat, when we can go to the gym, barber, small business, or anything we used to do when we were free people. Without our Glorious public servants how will we ever be able to survive? Please give our public servants the respect that they deserve for living our lives so safely for us all.

    1. Alles in Ordnung!
      I vas chuss followink orders!!

  2. She'll be drinking more once sterile...



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