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Thursday, April 9, 2020

So we have a judge who thinks thousands of nonresident college students voting in New Hampshire is NOT Voter-Fraud, and an Attorney General who agrees.


H/T to David


  1. Surprise. College students can establish residency wherever they go to school. They live there half the year or more. And if they do establish residency, they can register to vote. That is pretty much settled law everywhere. What they can’t do is register to vote in two states. They have to chose one.

    1. It depends on the state laws. In MS if you are a student (part time or full time) you must be a resident for 4 years before you can apply for residency, but there is a military exemption.

    2. 7 years in the military, yet I was never allowed to vote in the states elections when I was stationed.
      And like the snow birds in Florida, who vote in NY, and Florida. I'm sure theses kids would never do that!
      (I bet if the colleges were conservative, the judge would have ruled differently)

  2. I read that earlier this AM, not happy about it. If college students want to vote, why in hell can't they vote absentee in their own state? Then folks wonder how NH went from red to blue in a generation or less AND that we have an almost entirely Demonrat FEMALE delegation to the U.S. Congress. But hey there's no voter fraud in NH or any where in US elections, just ask Jim Acosta at the Communist News Network. He'll tell you, in spite of evidence staring him squarely in the face, that voter fraud hasn't been proven. Mind you, he's NOT saying that it doesn't exist. It just hasn't been proven, despite the fact that in the last Florida election, the Demonrats kept "finding" uncounted ballots until they got the result they wanted.




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