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Friday, April 10, 2020

Knuckledraggin... Ken knows it's down...

 From Kenny:

I got an email from GoDaddy a few hours ago that my migration to linux was complete and to give them a call to switch it over from the temporary domain that they had to put it in to do the migration to the new one. In the meantime, I was unable to post anything because of the migration deal so I called tech support to get that done, otherwise I'd have waited until Saturday when I don't post anything anyways.
Tech support said it should only be down an hour or two but might be as long as a couple days although that was doubtful. I'll give it until tomorrow morning, if it's not up by then I'll call them back.


  1. Thanks for the update. I knew he was having issues tonight.
    Best wishes to all. Happy Easter, hope all this crazy clears up soon

  2. Appreciate the update; still unable to access Ken's site as of the time of this comment*

  3. That boy has had some problem with his blog god's wraith! I hope this time it works out, Kenny doesn't need this stuff, he is a good guy even tho he is a skinny assed righteous dude!

  4. Still can't get there.....thaNKS, Ken....Hope it works out soon.....

  5. Thank goodness! I was thinking,
    "Oh no! They've killed Kenny! "

  6. I knew that he must be having trouble. No doubt they will get him fixed sometime soon. But thanks for keeping us informed. I would hate to think something bad happened to him,and us not know it. Of course, I would hate to think something bad would happen to him and us know it too.


  7. seems to be back up as of 6:15 PM pacific

  8. If the site was up last night it must be intermittent.
    Knocked on the door this morning and still no answer.

  9. LOL, I thought Facebook suspended Ken's "own" private blog too!


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