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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Land of The Free....

Making a stand in Emerald Isle NC, against unconstitutional laws that prohibit swimming. On Tuesday April 14, three local surfers were arrested for not leaving the water due to town ordinance. Today April 16, Retired Chief Rife entered the water in uniform bringing a sign along that read "Land of the Free." The police chief was called as back up, he asked him if he would leave the water, to which rife responded "No." They then left and said that Rife could remain in the water.


H/t to Al.


  1. If he was anything like the Chiefs that mentored me, "No" was prefaced with many, many modifies.

  2. Why didn't any of the other people on the beach join him out there? Or were they the ones that turned him in the the cops. Plus, no one else went out the the Master Chief to talk to him. He is STILL serving his country.
    Very strange.

  3. o7 Chief Rife, BFYTW, this is By God America.

  4. And the local police are loving their new powers.

  5. The petition of surfers days earlier was ignored.

  6. Go get 'em Chief!!!!! I wish I lived closer I would come join you.
    Best regards, BMCS retired


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