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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Evil Among Us...

 How do you prepare for something like this? How could it be prevented? Do you go through your life not trusting one single person ever again? Do you live on the edge looking over your shoulder? On a whole I think most people become comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings and lower their awareness. In a lot of situations you walk by and interact with the same stranger every day, day after day. Smile and say hi, maybe some small chit chat.

 I don't think all the workplace violence training and workshops and quizzes, can ever prevent what happened locally here in New Hampshire. 

This just happened Sunday, late afternoon.

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 From the article:
 "The report said Pavao did not know the victim, has no criminal history, and has no history of substance abuse or mental health problems."

 This hits very close to home. I know a bunch of people that work there and that know the victim.
 It's still an ongoing investigation of a sad and tragic situation. I doubt any answers will bring comfort to those close to this.



  1. I read a pamphlet back in the 90s. It advocated taking a cue from a cat. It's rare when you can sneak up on one. I developed a game where I'd try to remember the color of the guy's sweater that passed me a minuted ago. Car tags, colors, heights of folks... You can get pretty exhausted doing this. But my situational awareness bumped up a couple notches.

    That saved me from a 'follower' a few years back. I noticed his actions were dependent on mine. I got something solid in front of me, turned and faced him and asked loudly and harshly if I could help him with something. He deflated, mumbled and left quickly. I never had to find out what he was trying to do.

  2. For the past large number of years I've lived my life by the words of a wise man:

    "Be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." Mad Dog Mattis

    I have plenty of acquaintances, but suffer no "friends". God would work up a sweat getting me to trust anyone ever again.

  3. Sedition, you beat me to the punchline.

    There are very few people you can trust. Family and close friends. And if SHTF that list will really contract.

  4. Condolences to the people you know that know the victim.

    Situational awareness is the key, or being observant of one's surroundings, as STxAR detailed.

    A friend is someone who will arrive at your house with a shovel after a 2 am phone call and not ask any questions.

  5. Horrible>
    Prayers for the family and friends of the deceased.
    Very hard to live with a loss like that.


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