Saturday, February 15, 2020

A Thorough Article On The Corona Virus

Via Omegashock

As we move into the second phase of this outbreak, we are starting to understand more and more about this virus. We know who is at greatest risk. We know what to do to avoid it. We are also beginning to understand that our fears about this virus are unnecessary. Being cautious is wise, being fearful is not.

Unfortunately, the hysterical media continue to pump out hysteria and deception. And, we’ll be seeing their clickbait headlines for a while longer, so remember who is engaging in these lies. As we move further into these Last Days, the fearmongers will only drag you down. So, ignore them.


Down near the end of the article is this video:




  1. Sorry, but when I got to the point where they considered zerohedge to be accurate, I was laughing too hard to read any further.

    I also pointed on that washing your hands was the go-to prevention, about two weeks ago, and without any drama.
    Ditto for discounting all "sources" using "data" from China.

    Coronavirus is coronavirus.
    Its transmission and lethality are well known, and don't require any special vetting or investigation.

    As for masks, you're probably already screwed if you didn't have them beforehand, because most of them are made in China, and as of last week, they are "strategic national resources", so you can forget about getting them with tens of millions of Chinese not working, confined at home due to quarantine, and not shipping any overseas until they're no longer needed.

    Think 2021 or 2022, at the earliest.

    But if (if!) this gets to the U.S., bigly, expect to see changes to pubic life to limit the spread of the disease. "Avoid crowds", as Ol' Remus puts it, will become an everyday way of life, and not just a catchy idea during riots and such.

    You may not even have any choice on that.

    Think about that.

    And wash your hands.

  2. I think its significantly worse than the chinese are admittibg too. I also think that western gvernments are aware of how badly china is under reporting and not telling us because they want to avoid panic.

    The chinese are over reacting for the level of deaths they say they are seeing. Shipments of everything out have china have stopped, this is doing major harm to thier economy.

    Now i see 2 possible scenarious.
    1) china is under reporting deaths, coronavirus is a monster and the death toll is 50k or more and the damage to the economy is the only way to try and contain the virus. This assumes that the chinese bloggers are sneaking out videos that are true.

    2) In this one the chinese bloggers videos are part of a chinese government plan and mot real. The official numbers are correct and the lock down is a way to justify shutting down industry. The end goal is to cripple western economies, especially the US one because they hate the new trade deal and they know shortages of goods in the US will influence voters this fall.

    If its 1 then Aesop is correct, your screwed if you don't have preps.
    If its 2 then go to wallmart and buy an extra pack of underwear before we see a shortage.


  3. So we're supposed to believe omegashock and not believe anyone else, when omegashock is offering the same info as everyone else.


    1. Hey Grog, I don't think anyone really has a handle on the true severity of what is going on. The article was something I thought worth sharing. Either way a full pandemic or it dies out we will find out in the future. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Evening, Irish, it's a good article, any info is good, it's just parsing what is relevant and what is being repeated by everyone.

      I stop by your corner of the webz several times a week, and not just for the boobs.

    3. Glad to hear, the doors always open!

  4. Regardless of how this turns out, there's tons of money to be made by many. It's a crises, and they're never wasted.

  5. Well,thanks for this and the link. And while I'm not sure if the whole world is in needless panic mode, I have a question: can anyone point to any news that says how any person who is not ethnic Chinese has caught the virus? Sure, a few people in this country, a few people in that country. Citizens of USA, France, etc. No names are released, that's Ok. But the media has absolutely failed to identify the kind of people who have become infected. We have Chinese in my little town. They're probably citizens, but they're still ethnic Chinese. Chinese are everywhere, citizens of every country. Even those people on the Princess cruise ship parked off Japan. Plenty of Chinese on that ship, but Youtube and the MSM has stories of white Americans and Brits stuck on the ship who are giving interviews, while 150 or so others aboard are sick. Who. Are. They?

    If folks around the globe who are NOT fully or even mostly genetic Chinese (or even Asian) are getting sick or dying then we have a bigger problem. If it's only genetic Chinese, then the odds of white boy me getting it are a whole lot smaller. It's the lung receptor thing - Chinese have many times more of some thing in their lung tissue than everybody else. Same place that SARS attacked ... and SARS was a pretty big dud outside of the Asian community. Nearly everyone who caught it just had a cold and got better.

    Can we make ethnic predictions for Wuhan from the SARS data? Perhaps. Does anyone know where to find SARS data that has ethnic analysis?

  6. This morning's news: 1st death in France. It was an 80 year old Chinese guy on vacation. See?


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