Monday, February 10, 2020

UPDATE: Not hardly "40 Days and 40 Nights", but we are close.

Here in northwest Alabama we had 11.25" of rain in January with most falling before January 16th. February will surpass that. Today is the 10th and we've already had over 8" with 4" more forecast in the next 48 hours. The southern counties of Alabama are mostly flat and where the majority of the rain water ends up before reaching the Gulf. These counties are currently flooding or they are under flash flood warnings and will flood. I live about ten miles south of the Tennessee River Valley Continental Divide. There is an ancient road built along the divide (Hightown Path and Ridge Road are two of the names of the old road) which runs from about Memphis, TN to Rome, GA. All the water on the north side of the road eventually ends up in New Orleans via the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. All the water on the south side of the road ends up in Mobile Bay via the Black Warrior, Tombigbee, and Alabama Rivers. All this rain makes it hard on us folks who work out of doors as anyone can imagine. This video was sent to me by a good friend who logs with his brother. This is on the western side of the county where I live. It is amazing that they could even work today. They'll not be able to cross this creek in the morning.

Thanks to my good friend Brian.


  1. That's some serious rain levels. Right up there with the Pacific NorthWest. We have the drainage though.
    I've seen that kind of shit many a time though, Cats dragging dump trucks through the mud, Cats dragging other Cats out of the mud, you get the idea.
    Yeah, them boys are done logging for a while.

    1. We are almost at tropical rain forest levels here in northwest Alabama in regards to rainfall (slightly less than 90" annually some years). The land drains pretty good for the most part with the slopes and sandy loam soil here in the hill country. Still, the "low-lying" areas can and do flash flood from time to time. I look for much flooding in the Tennessee River Valley tomorrow (that is app. 25 miles north of me, but lower in terms of elevation) and along many points to the south. I know Birmingham and Tuscaloosa are already flooding in some locations.

  2. Hell! Send some of that liquid gold our way to Utah! If we're not in drought condition, we're usually close to it. We could pump that wonderful water into reservoirs and underground aquifers. Fill rivers. Pump it up to the mountains and it will make snow for later melting (done all the time in the winter at the ski slopes).I

    Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

  3. I wish I could Woodman. We have plenty to go around most of the time. Occasionally, our area will experience "drought conditions" in late summer/fall. It is still coming down with 4-5" forecast before morning (updated).

  4. Same here for VA. This winter has seen so much rainfall (raining even now) I'm beginning to wonder if the area is going become like the Pacific Northwest.

  5. Will someone please teach Brian how to use a smartphone camera? Portrait is for closeup portraits. Landscape is for landscapes.

  6. Requisite:


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