Saturday, August 24, 2019

This Is Why Irish Wasn't Cast as Prince Phillip In Sleeping Beauty...........


  1. I had to come over and see what all the commotion was on my sidebar. Too bad about that part, but I guess you wouldn't be too disappointed.

  2. I think you really mean Price Charming; from the fable; and a Freudian slip would have been Andrew or perhaps Harry; but Phillip? Kind'a creepy just thinking about it.

    1. Check this out:

      They realize the answer is Phillip, but he has been kidnapped by Maleficent to prevent him from kissing Aurora and waking her up. The fairies sneak into Maleficent's lair, aid Phillip in escaping and explain to him the story of Maleficent's curse. Armed with a magic sword and shield, he battles Maleficent when she turns herself into a gigantic fire-breathing dragon. He flings the sword, plunging it into the her heart and killing her. He climbs into Aurora's chamber and removes the curse with a kiss.

      As the film ends, Aurora and Phillip arrive at the ballroom, where the former is happily reunited with her parents. Then, she dances together with Phillip, happy to each learn that they're betrothed and their beloved are one and the same.

  3. Gee thanks Irish. Now I can't get this song out of my head.

  4. Geez, there's more H2O in them silicon sacks than in my vintage 1971 water bed!


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