Tuesday, August 20, 2019

"Don't Get On The Red Flag Gun Confiscation Train"

Wild Bill does an excellent job of exposing the "Red Flag" Scheme. Pass this along to your friends, political                                                                  representatives and bleeding heart liberals everywhere. 

Seen over at It Ain't Holy Water


  1. He's gotten off of his never violence band wagon I see. "Keep your powder dry", he says now.

  2. Back in March Lindsey Graham 2.Zero held bogus Red Flag hearing with his new best friend, Danang Dick Blumenthal.
    Here's how the RINO hack conducted them. Courtesy of GOA:

    Lindsey Graham Holds (Kangaroo) Court
    "In the Senate on 3/26/2019, Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham packed a panel appearing before his committee that was almost entirely supportive of all-out gun confiscation.

    Not surprisingly, Graham refused to announce his witness list until 24 hours before the hearing. And he refused to allow other Republican senators to have any input.

    Then he paraded before the American people a carnival of gun-hating fools — complete with a sign-waving demonstrator and a bench of Democrats proclaiming that gun confiscation wasn’t nearly enough for them."


    Now, tell me again how wonderful Graham is now and how he "found his voice" since McCain thankfully assumed room temperature last year.....

  3. DJT is doing some serous back peddling on gun laws today. As expected. Mr President, if you want to end gun violence intact Nation Wide Reciprocity, and stop the Bull Shit law suits on CCw's every time they pull a gun. We need good Samaritan protection for good guy shooters. When Gabby Gifford got shot there were several CCWs in the parking lot. LE asked them why they didn't engage the shooter and every one answered the same way. Didn't want to get sued. That's AZ. Imagine Cali.

  4. Nice video regardless of any of his past stances.

  5. re Flag laws are prelude to confiscation. They want to trick you into "common sense" type approaches. Once the camels nose is under the tent. They will expand the categories of people who cannot own a firearm.


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