Friday, August 23, 2019

Obama's New Mansion Will Be Washed Away When The Sea Levels Rise....

  So Barry and Mooch are buying a 14+ million dollar home on Martha's Vineyard.

I'll by-pass all the talk about how he got that much money since many others are already on the bandwagon and asking questions.

I want to know how someone that was soooo inclined to believe that AGW was going to raise the sea levels and flood coastal areas would dare to spend millions to live on a island 3 feet above sea level.

According to ELEVATION FINDER, Obama's new row house is damn well due to be inundated if all the talk of melting icebergs is true.


 Here's a fucking grifting hypocrit....


  1. I hate me these people.


  2. HYPOCRITE, n.
    One who, professing virtues that he does not respect, secures the advantage of seeming to be what he despises.

    - Ambrose Bierce

  3. Soros gave the money to him as a reward for promoting his global agenda. POS x2 and don't forget his husband Mike. Ever see a photo of Moochelle pregnant?

    1. Please, please DON'T post such a photo even if you find one.
      The quote applies perfectly to how he abused his position, spending many millions on his - and Michelle's - own pleasures, food, clothing, vacation trips around the world, and then having a big laugh about how they suckered America into paying for these things for eight years.

  4. Note the key words "you can Take' NOT I can take. Typical liberal hypocrite hopefull both him and MOOSECHELLE. will be staying at much less plush lodgings in the NEAR future

  5. Call it a wild-ass guess, but I don't think Mike and Barry will be setting their thermostat at 82degF in the summer time either....

  6. It looks like a nice house; I hope they enjoy living there for as long as they are at liberty to do so.

  7. Here's to hoping it won't last when the next big storm/hurricane comes through with them in it and can't get back to the mainland.

  8. "four legs good two legs better"

  9. bongo did okay for himself as a community organizer.


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