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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Spot the Coffee....


  1. I didn't see any coffee. Was it camouflaged ?

  2. Hi Irish,
    Picture if you will... a Cold Morning.. things start to stir .. You end up in the kitchen to "start" the day.. Coffee? espresso beans ground.. in the espresso machine... but forget the "milk' for the froth!! Break out a jigger (EACH) of "IRISH CREAM!!!" "Dark Rum" "Coffee Liquor" "Amaretto" and what ever else you may like!! When the steam comes up.. "Froth" all that in a 12 oz. BEER MUG!! Pour the whole caraffe' of espresso over the "FROTH!!" A splash of whipped cream and cinnamon to top it off ... "Cherry optional!!" My Favorite "SKYDIVER" term for the concoction is a "Double Malfunction!!!" In the Immortal words of the Late Jim Morrison.. this concoction will "LIGHT YOUR FIRE!!!!!!!"

    Look again close at her "Cup!!" Why do you think I "Brewed" that for her!!!
    What's NEXT??
    REALLY?? Do You even have to wonder???

    Blue skies,


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