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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

WW2 Hero Returns To Germany To Meet His Enemy And Rid Himself Of A Ghost

Clarence Smoyer's exploits were so legendary that they inspired a painting. Smoyer, seen here pointing, was haunted by a question from one battle during the last days of World War II.

"Clarence Smoyer's finger caressed the trigger. Sweat poured down the flaps of his helmet. No one in his tank moved or even whispered". Read the whole story HERE.

This is a very good story that took decades and technology to to put to rest and solve part of the mystery.

Below is the YouTube video that Clarence and his adversary both saw decades after the war. Both had watched the same scene over and over in their minds as a civilian car pulled into the middle of a tank dual in the streets of Cologne and was raked by machinegun fire. Then, they replayed the scene over and over in their minds where a young wounded woman spilled from the vehicle. Neither knew the fate of the fraulein their reunion.


  1. Hey Jeffery;

    *wow* sure got dusty in here, redemption is a powerful thing.

    1. It was a good story. I am sure both gunners were haunted by that horrific scene and asked themselves "why" anyone would try and escape with the war coming to a close almost daily. That part we will never know, but at least the two veterans found peace in the young woman's fate and burial as well as they could.


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