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Monday, January 7, 2019

Live Steam.... No Soy Eating Beta Males Or Females...Oh ya, and no OSHA


  1. Amazing. And self sustaining. Thanks for posting.

  2. That is fun to watch! Sure looks like all involved enjoyed it too.

  3. Holy. Fucking. Shit..
    That has got to be a Millwright's worst nightmare to keep running.
    You don't just call up and have parts for that shit delivered, you MAKE them.
    Hell, I would imagine someone has a full time job just keeping some of that stuff lubricated.
    Did you notice how hard that Atlas steam engine was working?
    Someone has superb mechanical skills for it to do that on a regular basis.
    Just, WOW.
    Cooler than hell, it is a functional time machine.
    Nice find Irish!

  4. Fabulous to watch.I imagine a health and safety nightmare.The good old days


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