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Monday, November 12, 2018

The Amazing Story Of Duane Francies/ 5th Armored Division

This guy holds the title of being the only pilot in a piper cub to shoot down a German plane in WW2. Here is how I learned of his incredible story.

I was looking up the X-85 Goblin after seeing a post over at Kenny's site titled Test Pilots Have Brass Balls. I searched YouTube for a few videos of this strange looking plane. In the window to the right was a video of a yellow Piper Cub. I like Cubs so I watched it. There were some guys flying around the Jacksonville, Florida area on a sunny day in a minty 1939 Cub. 

After watching the video, I am reading the comments below it and this one guy gives an account of his uncle being a Major of the artillery in WW2 and of his spotter plane pilot (actually pretty funny). He gives the guys name as Duane Frances. I Googled it and it checks out. The guy won the Distinguished Flying Cross. There are several stories out there, but I linked this one. 

Read more about Duane Francies HERE.


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