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Thursday, November 15, 2018

One of those things that makes you go "hmmmmmmmmmmm"


  1. The surrounding brush probably caught fire due to all the money being burned on that boondoggle!!!

  2. As my first instructor always sadid, look to see who stands to profit. They're probably your culprit.

  3. So Moonbeam doubles as Nero.

    Can't wait till he starts blaming Christians for the fire.

  4. I am not surprised at this for this state. Just another way the libturds run a state when they need to waste the tax payers money.

  5. Um, no.

    The Boondoggle Rail lines are all in the central valley and desert.
    Like the map shows.

    The fires are 50-100 miles away, in the mountains. You know: Where the trees are.
    Like the map shows.

    Correlation between the two: Exactly 0%.

    Geography: actually a thing.
    Sorry if that stung anyone.

    Less Coast-To-Coast sophomoric conspiracy, please.
    Oh, and it's not Bigfoot or Aliens either.

    The fires are occurring where Moonbeam has refused to allow brush-cutting and forest management, and the dipwads have built wooden houses.

    When you build houses in Nature's fireplace going back thousands of years, expect to make an ash of yourself.

  6. +1 on Aesop. My ex and her hubby lost their house and everything in it, in Paradise. And NO insurance, because it was paid for... dammit...


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