Friday, November 16, 2018

"He Fights"

In the link below there is an article whereby the mayor of Livermore, California explains (in his opinion) why he believes Donald J. Trump is so popular and why he was elected president. While I do not agree with every single thing the mayor has written here, I do believe he is spot on with his description of how the Right has in modern time attempted to remain civil, collegiate, dignified, etc. and the left has always been the ones marching, protesting, whining, committing violence, scare tactics, etc, while demanding social change. It is a true fact of life that "the wheel that squeaks the loudest usually gets the most grease.  After seventy years of the Right doing nothing and basically repeating the same processes, the people who work/pay taxes, have some sense of morality about right and wrong, believe in freedom, keeping what they have earned, and not having to watch the government steal what they have worked for and give it to a broken welfare system/foreign shithole country/fill in the blank, etc. have grown very tired of this insanity.  Enter Trump. I believe most people on the right realized that DJT is just a man and far from perfect, but DJT was a man who sounded like a fellow with common sense. He was also a man who pointed out corruption, insolence, and stupidity of the government and the leftist ilk behind such madness. In DJT whether he would be able to do what he said or not, those just "right of center" saw a fighter. Many of those supported him and he was elected. DJT was a breath of fresh air. Still, the fact remains. We are currently stuck with the left. They are the group who has been set on changing America as long as anyone who reads this can remember. There is a reason the left has been and is known as the "counterculture movement" from the 1960's and through today. They are counterculture. Their greatest desire is to transform this country from what it was founded upon to some socialist utopia where every fantasy in their brains (basically a world where there is no pollution, everything is free without working, cradle to the grave welfare for all citizens, automobile run on water, trees are not cut coal is not mined, everything we need as a country comes from "recycling", etc) becomes a reality. When I was a small child I always wondered why I only saw "hippies" and black folks marching and protesting on television. My daddy told me that most of those people lived off the government teat and didn't have jobs, etc. Who has time to protest? I never saw anyone standing up for the right who wasn't labeled. I remember when the movie Roots debuted. There was a small group klansmen protesting the television station in Huntsville, AL. In time we all later learned that Alex Haley was a farce as was his book. I suppose some of the Klan had some inside information, didn't like the way Southern folks were being portrayed, etc.  As right as they may have been about a few things, the KKK wasn't really representing "our side" . I think of this and think how times have changed. I think how anyone who tried to represent right thinking folks was vilified, scandalized, or just buried in the press .  It still happens today, but they left hasn't taken down Donald J. Trump. Since 1977 until today, I can only remember a few instances where I vaguely felt someone was attempting to represent"our side" (i.e. Ross Perot, Ron Paul kinda sorta). As I got older, I wondered why nobody really stood up for "our side". As I grew to manhood I began to understood how the left had controlled practically every single newspaper, the television and radio station in this country and had run a successful brainwashing propaganda campaign for the last seventy years. All the masses ever saw was exactly what TPTB wanted us to see.  For whatever DJT may be, he was not and is not the left's boy.  TPTB loathe him because he is not. Time will tell if DJT is going to be more of the same. At least he has restored some hope in this country and this hope might encourage some other bold leaders who do love this country to step forward and save what is left of "Western Culture" and the "American Way"  Enough of my views. click HERE to read the entire article.  Jeffery in Alabama

H/T to Bob in Kentucky

The mayor of Livermore California explains Trump̢۪s popularity and success. This is perhaps the best explanation for Trump's popularity


  1. AMEN, AMEN and again I say AMEN!!!!! Words to my feelings. From your lips to Gods ears!!!!


  2. how far can DJT go, if he's not even allowed to ban a petulant, spotlight-loving CNN reporter from his press briefings? ...It's already gone too far...

  3. I'm fairly certain, after the new congress gets sworn in, we will never see The Wall, or much of the swamp being drained. Sad.

  4. When you do the math and conclude that the left actually owns the media and the institutions that govern us you begin to relaize that we are , in fact, the counter culture.

    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and we are the majority, for now anyway.


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