Friday, July 27, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Another prime example of a leftist voter behaving like a,,,,,,,,,,,,, well, it is just what they do.

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H/T to reader Rusty in Lakeshore


  1. Did'ja ever go to the zoo? Did'ja ever notice the signs at the monkey enclosure telling people not to throw anything at the monkeys? 'Know why? 'Cause the monkeys will pick up their own shit and throw it at you! I mean; they'll HURL it! I rest my case...

  2. Her mama must be so proud. 4 years of college, $35,000 in student loans for a degree in women's studies, or Peruvian art, or some equally useful educational endeavor, and this is the best that this person can do. It makes me feel pretty good about my 5 kids, none of whom are known for flinging poo as the best social criticism that they are capable of. Funny, but from the age of about 2, I instinctively knew that when you took a crap, the idea was to try and NOT get any on your hands. I hope that she at least washes her hands before picking up her food stamps.

  3. Hi Irish,
    OBAMA should be Proud of his,"SPAWN!!!!!!!"
    PS They have a "Shitty" outlook on life in the NOW!!!!

  4. Kids today...
    Probably doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom at home, either.
    Proper toilet training is important, ya know.


  6. This appears to be from a Mexican protest in 2012

    Here is the original it seems

    Here is the story:

  7. Though totally believable, I'm glad you guys got to the "bottom" of this story.


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