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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

You Know It's Coming.....

This article was linked in a comment on the previous post....

When Do We Get To The Last Straw?


"But, one of these days, I swear that big, good-natured fella, the ARMY of conservatives here in America, will have had enough and finally reach his last straw. Then, surely he will turn and fight"





  1. Here is my thoughts.

    The left are loosing their minds, the economy is picking up and people are satisfied. This is exactly what they don't want. For people to accept their radical ideas and accept communism the left needs people to be desperate. A happy and prosperous people are not willing to risk all to try communism / 1 world gov, only a populous with no other options will accept it.

    The President is undoing all they spent decades working towards. They need him gone and at this point they need his aggenda / message discredited and wiped out as well. They can't just kill him as that would make him a martyr.

    They keep trying to manufacture scandals but they don't seem to stick, so now the left is desperate.

    Interesting a lot of left groups are planning a month of rage starting the 4th of july. It's obvious they are co-ordinating their plans. Its equally obvious someone briefed Maxine on it and she blabbed; either becauae she wants to appear relavent or because they want her drones to get the message.

    It's also likely that some left groups are going to use the month of rage as a cover for their own special instructions.

    They want to manufacture a crisis to take down Trump. I don't think it will work but I think they are desperate and bloodshed would suit their purpose.


  2. Liberals (reds, snowflakes, commies, SJW, or WTF ever) have completely lost their minds. They have become so unhinged that even the "yellow dog demokrats" here in the South (who think, and many of them are, conservative) will not even vote for them. This is why "immigration" and "sheltering" refugees is so important for the left. Middle of the road Americans are not going to vote "Demokrats" or their Communist agendas. They need these third world "shitholers" on the .gov payroll so the left will have a "base" that votes for these crazies they are nominating for offices and their anti-American policies.

  3. If you have eyes, see. If you have ears, listen.


  4. I agree with the writer. Even if I don't posess his imposing stature I am tall enough and strong enough and have the resolve to not tolerate anyone coming after my family or our way of life in this manner. If they start this (they have) I will be on the side that ends it.


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