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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Just when you thought it could not get any more bizarre,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

it does. The liberals within the American Library Association says it is time to pull an an award that was bestowed decades ago on early Great Plains pioneer and writer Laura Ingalls Wilder (her book Little House in the Big Woods was the basis for the popular 70's television program  Little House on the Prairie) because of the way she had described blacks and native Americans in her writings. One of the articles I read regarding this madness can be seen by clicking HERE.

These jackasses really could care less about the name calling. These Marxist want to obliterate white history, role models, and really are fearful of anyone watching or learning from programs that illustrate "pioneer" living and self sufficiency, individualism, etc. Make no mistake about it, women such as Laura Ingalls Wilder are a threat to the liberal-commie agenda and their long  term goals.


  1. How long till they start burning her books?


  2. They don't have to. It's unlikely the book will be on any school reading lists in the US now. If your kids are being propagandized, "Thank a Teacher".

  3. School systems, much like almost all state governments, have a "monkey on their backs". These systems have become so "addicted" to federal dollars that they believe they can no longer act independently without those funds. All of these monies come with "strings attached". In the case of schools, they have to teach a federally approved curriculum that is nothing more than deep state propaganda (revisionist history that includes painting western civilization in a bad light and as the "baddies", acceptance of every perverted- alternate lifestyle, division of the races, diversity, multiculturalism, etc.). This country was in much better shape when going to a school was a privilege and not a right (communities built the school, hired and paid the teacher, each family bought the required books and paid a fee to go to school, etc.).

  4. I have to give voxday credit for this one. I was unaware of the definition of genocide, and had assumed it was simply the killing of a race of people. However, as originally defined, it is the destruction of a people by the destruction of what defines them, and by that definition, we are the targets of genocide by the left. Schools are simply a part of this destruction by the forced indoctrination of children as they grow up, and what life they experience at home isn't enough to overcome the forced indoctrination. (This is why the left doesn't worry about outbreeding conservatives, because they know they can produce them via the schools). Homeschooling forms the exception to this, except that it's not enough in terms of quantity.

    Removing Laura Ingalls Wilder, pulling down statues, renaming schools & sports teams, etc is the deliberate genocide of our civilization. The dark ages will then come again.

  5. Don't forget people, that these are cyclic events like everything else.
    Climate, economic collapses, revolutions, lefty loonies. All happened before, happening again now, and will happen again long after Trump has gone too...

  6. https://canadafreepress.com/article/when-do-we-get-to-the-last-straw


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