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Saturday, June 30, 2018

39 Minutes That Will Open Your Eyes Even Wider.......

Borrowed from CMBLAKE


  1. Irish,
    I am not finished with this entire video. I must admit, it is simply too disgusting to view all at once, even though it actually only plows around a third of new ground that I had no knowledge of. I was sort of aware of much of the rest of these things so far, but not all at once like this. It does make one sick to their stomach to realize that there really is evidence behind what you only had heard in conspiracy circles. God help our nation.

  2. Irish my friend, I know you are an intelligent fellow and try to stay abreast of current events.
    Was there anything in that 40 minute video that you were unaware of?
    There wasn't a damn thing there that I hadn't either heard about or researched myself.

    I know you are a busy guy, so am I. I do spend quite a bit of time over at 8Chan lately though.
    It can get.... interesting at times and is most definitely not for the weak but it amazes me the news that one runs across over there sometimes. Things that don't seem to hit your local news programs.
    I'll tell ya one thing, there is a whole lotta shit going on behind the scenes that you won't hear a peep about from the MSM because those dirty fuckers are neck deep in the treason themselves.
    A whole lotta very interesting little things are quietly going on.
    Just for fun, keep your eyes and ears open this coming 4th of July.
    I'm hearing there might be some fireworks.......
    My best to you pal, I don't get to visit near as many sites as I used to but you are still on my must see list.

    1. Check your email Phil :)

    2. I am both angry and sad about the things that the government has done and continues to do. I wonder just how far back I, a person who is just an ordinary citizen, could trace the evil back through our government.
      I know that it goes at least to FDR, and our entry into WWII. I have seen a little of the information about our entry into WWI, and I suspect that if goes back that far as well. We can make a pretty good argument that honest Abe was not the outstanding president that the left wants to make him out to be, even though he was actually a Republican, a fact that they conveniently forget.
      I am a Christian, and some what of a Bible student, having gone to Bible college years ago. It has always been noted that the United States is not actually mentioned in the end times book of Revelations. Many people go through mental gymnastics to try and get us there. I myself wonder if that is not what I think is just wishful thinking, and America as a nation may not exist at the last days.
      In any case, I have to say, thank you for posting these things that not only inform, but make me think.

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  4. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an advocate for nonviolent action. He famously said in his 'I Have a Dream' speech "Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred." Alas, that is exactly what the unhinged left and a leftist national media nudging them are doing. Enough with this already! Time for them to heed the Reverend's warning and STOP THREATENING VIOLENCE, Antifa extremists especially. No wonder lawful American citizens are concerned...


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