Friday, November 10, 2017

You Would Think That All Those "Smart" Pundits and The Fake Media Would Be Able To Figure IT Out....

H/t to John N.


  1. A majority of America clearly understands that any Liberals or Socialist-Democrat's promise to honor and protect our GOD given rights and freedoms, is as likely as Hillary ever doing jail time.

  2. Note: The last registered self defense item I purchased was Nov. 3rd 1992, the day B. Clinton was elected. ALL of those have long since been sold in Private sales and replaced the same way. While the Fed's track FFL purchases and say Obama was the salesperson of the century. They surely have underestimated the total number private sales and swaps during Obama Socialist attempted grab era.

  3. Hey Irish;

    And with the latest stupidity by the democrats will spark new interest in buying more guns and ensuring the gun grabbers will have a hell of a time trying to seize all of them.

  4. Abundantly surprised by Wally World today.
    1200rds 9mm (9x19) FMJ factory New in a Milspec Metal can $250.00.


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