Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thank You To The Veterans....

The Majority of Americans Appreciate You.


  1. Hey Irish;

    And we vets don't care what the hippies and their ilk think, LOL

  2. Veterans Day makes me think of family members, and friends, that lived through crappy days, while those they served enjoyed their lives. They deserve respect, and an understanding of what they sacrificed for their country.

  3. To those at S.O.T.F. Ft. Bragg.
    Few will ever know what y'all have done, the successes and how many have died doing the impossible.
    There are too many names are now on the small memorial downstairs.

    So to Walt, Tim, Pat, Randy, Otto, Mickey and many too others.
    It was an honor working with each of you before you paid the ultimate price.
    Thank you.


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