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Monday, September 25, 2017

Trump labeled the MSM "fake news" during his campaign. The correct term is COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA

Compare the highlights of these four stories and how the media "uses" each one differently to fit their leftist design. After reading,  think on it for a while.

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This predominantly black church in Charleston, SC got shot up by deranged young white guy. Several people were killed and wounded. The MSM and every liberal mouthpiece jumps on board and demands Confederate flags and monuments across the country be taken down or removed immediately. It is still going on today.

This predominantly white church gets shot up by a Sudanese immigrant who is black and has posted pro-Islamic and militant black nationalist anti-white and anti-American rhetoric onto social media. The next day the story is hard to find even on FOX and Drudge. Compare this story to the South Carolina church shooting/Dillon Roof saga which was the lead off and headliner for two weeks and is still in the news even today partly because of his trial, but mainly for propaganda purposes. The Burnette Chapel Church of Christ shooting "reports" took forever to mention who the shooter was, the fact that he was black, from Sudan, etc. Had it not been for social media this story might have been classified as a "robbery gone bad". I almost forgot to mention that when the news crews showed up in the aftermath, that they were quick to interview the only black woman in attendance.

Then these overpaid players choose to kneel rather than stand during the playing of the National Anthem before NFL games in protest of the way some blacks have been treated by law enforcement officers in different parts of the country. I am all for free speech, a person's right to protest, etc., but most employers frown on this type of behavior and this is a direct violation of NFL rules which states all players will be on the field and standing during the singing/playing of the National Anthem. The President voices his opinion and the entire MSM goes apeshit crazy, spins his comments into bald face lies saying "Trump calls for boycott, Trump is racist, etc." The media embraces the behavior of these players with open arms and attacks anyone who disagrees with their position. 

A few years ago,  Tim Tebow humbly knelt to pray to Jesus Christ rather than doing the hoochie-coochie dance in the end-zone and the MSM ridiculed him as a kook, fanatic, etc., attacking him from every angle because of his faith. I guess Tim did not fit the National Felon League "role model" image of a rapist, drug-using-wife-beating-murder that the MSM so eagerly wants  middle class white  American Joe Six-Pack to embrace, idolize, cheer for, and worship. 


  1. Sad but true on all accounts. The MSM is all in for the Communist Claptrap they have been taught at home, in school and Universities, in their favorite coffee shops and their inner circles. We won't change them, we can't reeducate anyone with this level of brainwashing. They are disciples of evil, useful idiots, that cannot see or relate to anything except their demonic philosophy. This Nation, and the World, are in an epic battle against pure evil and frankly, most of the good side is asleep. Most good Americans have yet to open their eyes and see the reality of their situation. They are like a sleeping goat, with a full belly, dreaming of the next pasture. Whilst, a constrictor has slowly crept upon them, and is squeezing the life out of them. It may be too late on some fronts. I believe that we can fight for our freedom.

    Wishbone Ash, Argus, Warrior, Circa 1972: "I have to be a warrior, a slave I'll never be. A soldier and a conqueror, fighting to be free." Thanks for the post. Excellent as always.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and the kind words Gleason Long. All is not lost. I hope to bring awareness and aid in preventing another shooting such as the one at the Antioch, Tennessee Church of Christ by a other militants such as the animal that shot the 39 year-old Melanie Smith, mother of two, in the back and then rolled her over and shot her in the face. Notice how eerily quiet that "story" has become in only two days?


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