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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Way to go Matt Wuerker, you are now in the lead for the "2017 Idiot of the Year" Award

In light of what is probably going to go down as one of the most expensive and disruptive disasters in our nation's history, Matt Wuerker had to take a sucker punch with this distasteful cartoon and politicize  the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey mocking Christians, Southerners, implying secessionist innuendos, etc. Is it any wonder that much of the populace has zero confidence in the MSM with their "fake news" and liberal communist agenda? Here is the vignette that is taking so much flak and rightly so. Too many morons in the media do not understand that if you play with poop long enough, you will eventually get it all over you.

Matt Wuerker/POLITICO

The article can be read Here.


  1. How many negative sterEotypes can you cram into a cartoon. The only thing he forgot was to imply the guy was a klan member.


    1. Oh, the Gadsden Flag took care of that!I really like the barefoot and the theme of an imagined God cannot save you, but .gov can.

  2. Since a lot of the flood victims are offline, I'll say it for them:
    And while we're at it, Fuck Charlie Hebdo as well for their bullshit...


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