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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Question Of The Day ( From A Comment Weaselzippers)

What say you?

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  1. Well, considering that an awful lot of these precious snowflakes have been raised by helicopter parents, their entire lives have been regimented and someone has always been telling them what to do. Plus, they've been lavished with "participation trophies", so it's really no wonder they are outraged when the real world turns out to be different from what Mummy and Daddy led them to believe. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

  2. Google "Ressentiment" AND "Scheler", or "Ressentiment" AND "Nietzsche", and you'll get the answer.

  3. Leftists are all emotion and most of them pretty simple-minded.

    That's are very dangerous combination.

    1. The name for the condition described is (AAS!!) "Arrested Adolescent Syndrome!!".... Could also be (ASS) "Arrested Spoiled Syndrome!!
      "Think Fast!!!!!'

  4. It is simple greed. Not simply money greed but power and attention. Couple that with ignorance and the incessant assault of propaganda from the MSM and you get what we see on the evening news. The left/Democrats have used race and other minority issues to divide people for the last 100 years or more. The intent is to rally their base and demoralize their opponents. If you believe that there are thousands of white nationalist or KKK members from the right then you as a conservative may be dissuaded from voting next election. If on the other hand you are a liberal/Demicrat and you believe the hype you may vote twice.

    I have a grand daughter (23) who is all in with the antifa crowd. She really believes she is a good person and tolerant and loving and wants to go out with the antifa gang and kill racists. The irnoy of her position is lost on her. But worse she is ignorant to the fact she is being used by the radical left and being fed lies. There is no mass right wing hate, it simply does not exist. Sure there are a few nut cases seeking attention but the KKK is and always was a left wing Democrat group and it is for all intents and purposes destroyed, gone. But sadly the left has been coopted by Marxist/communist organizations who are using classic fascist (ironic that they call themselves the anti-fascist) tactics to create civil unrest. For complex historic reasons the MSM is in their pocket and supporting them. This is right out of Germany 1938 folks. The media in Germany fully supported the Nazis back then too. What I expect next from antifa is a serious assault on a community to rival Kristallnacht in Germany. The thugs in antifa are simply thugs who are in it for the joy of beating a defenseless person on the ground. They aren't smart enough or informed enough to be creating what we are seeing. This movement is being orchestrated by rich Marxist communist sympathizers who know exactly what they are doing.

  5. Progressive Center Left "thinking"=Mental Disorder

  6. People in general are stupid. American people are complacent and stupid. That is a mixture that guarantees America's destruction.

  7. Hey Irish;

    When you have been told since grade school that the United States, patriarchy and white privilege are the source of all the evil in the world, you think that if you fight against the system, you are a good person. This is total crap mind you, but this is the mindset of the average leftist. The Frankfurt school would be proud

  8. In reality, parents have given away responsibility for raising their children to tv, I-phones, day-care, k thru college education, video games and the internet...

  9. Lack of perspective. When everybody has a closet full of new clothes then "poverty" looks like the kid who wears something from Walmart one day a week.

    These kids eat six times a day and have never been hungry. They are driven to school by mommie and never had to wait at a bus stop for half an hour in blizzard. They have never been punched in the face nor worked 8 hours all in one day.

    So they think something is broken when they are decanted out of college. There are no student loans to pay for their $500 apartment with the pool and spa. There are no cafeterias dispensing "free" food. Somebody actually expects them to be productive. Frankly, nobody gives a shit about their feelings or opinions...this is real life.

    The juxtaposition of the extremes causes them to freak out.


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