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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Meanwhile.. In One Of The Local ASSachusetts Towns...

 This was an email that parents received:

Dear Parents and Families,
It seems like just yesterday that I was writing to wish you all a safe and relaxing summer. Now, with only one week until summer vacation ends, I hope that your summer was enjoyable.
All teachers officially returned today from the summer break, so the halls are again buzzing with excitement and anticipation of your child(ren)’s return. We started with our opening convocation this morning, focusing on the conditions we set to maximize student success. I'll have more to share in the coming months in that regard, but for now wanted to focus on opening day for students. Everyone is eager for next Tuesday, September 5th, when we open the doors and welcome your child(ren) back for the 2017/2018 school year.
As we return this year, we’re doing so in a very tense climate in our country. In light of the events of the past several weeks, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to affirm the District’s commitment throughout all our schools to tolerance, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Throughout the course of last year, and through my conversations with parents, teachers, and students, our core values of Respect, Integrity, and Excellence for All were reaffirmed time and time again. If we truly believe and hold these as core values, then all must truly mean all, and “all” knows no race, gender, cognitive ability, or background. Words or actions that are racist, homophobic, xenophobic or discriminatory towards any individual or group cannot be accepted, as these behaviors are the complete opposite of what we’ve affirmed as our core values. We look forward to our continued partnership with you as we strive to be examples and model tolerance, acceptance, and the ability to respectfully and articulately engage with those we disagree with.
Thank you, and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


Yeah right…..
Lets see what kind of tolerance, acceptance & respect the first kid that shows up with an American flag or MAGA logo on a lunchbox or shirt or jacket gets……


  1. Let's guess the town/city......

    Cambridge, Lexington, Bedford, unfortunately I have to get up for work tomorrow morning

  2. Yeah, that respect thing is supposed to flow only from right to left. Never does respect flow out from the left towards, well anyone who isn't the same as them. And they think it is a small minority that think differently than them, anyway.


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