Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Will Not End Well

Council members of the Alabama city of Oxford caved to pressure from the SPLC, ACLU, and Sodomite organizations from across the country this week and rescinded their recent vote that clarified what most Americans consider normal and sane and have been practicing since there were restrooms. These people who insist on "ramming down the throats" of people who disagree with their abnormal position do not realize they are playing with fire. I have heard too many people (not just in Alabama, but all across the nation) who say they will take  measures into their own hands when some pervert(s) steps out of line. Resist the madness whatever the cost.

If anyone cares to read it, HERE is the story where the spineless cowards caved.


  1. I will start pissing in the bushes!

  2. Try it in a bathroom with my wife or daughters inside and I will perform an emergency sex reassignment operation with my EDC knife.

    Oh, and I am NOT a surgeon.

    This is my red line and unlike the POTUS, it means something serious.


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