Wednesday, May 4, 2016


.gov says North Carolina LGBTV law violates civil rights

The world is going to hell in a handbasket and the federal government is more concerned with imposing the will a a very few special cookies on the majority of Americans. This will not end well.

This problem began when .gov began to recognize and grant "minority" status to people who chose a certain lifestyle or a people just because they were born a "certain" way.  My gripe is not with the Sodomites. I am a live and let live person who believes in Liberty. What people do in their private is none of my business. However, I am vehemently opposed to the federal government granting anyone ("minorities" how is that going to work for white folks when they earn the right to wear that label?) special status?  The "hate crime" legislation is the pinnacle of stupidity. Really, if someone kills another outside the bounds of self-preservation, I would say the killer more than likely hated the victim, was mentally defective, or was at least pissed enough to do bodily harm and/or the victim died or was severely beaten in the process. In other words the perpetrator was a long way from loving the victim. I've never really understood the mechanics of the hate crime legislation. I have never heard of it being invoked when it is a minority who kills a white person. I said all of that to say this, my biggest gripe with this latest diversion involving people being able to chose which bathroom they need to relieve themselves in is with the federal  government. This flap is a non issue. Maybe states such as North Carolina need to stop recognizing insane rulings such as this one and threaten Washington. North Carolina simply needs to stop collecting federal income taxes, cutting out the middle man,  and just secede from the union. .gov threatens states such as NC and others with the loss of all types of federal funding if they fail to go along with such madness. Maybe it is time for STATES to start squealing or even self lubricating!  Everyone likes their privacy, especially in the privy. Jeffery


  1. Nothing like using a sledgehammer when a feather (nothing) was needed... Sigh

  2. Jeff C. In NC agrees 100%. Tell the freaks to get back in the "closet"

  3. If the feds withhold money, then the state should simply tell all their citizens that there is no federal money so no food stamps or sec 8 funds available. Just like at the last so called gov shutdown the feds made it highly public by shutting down National Parks, refuse money to the people that are contributing to the tax base.

  4. Toilet Wars: The Fedpire Wipes Back.

    Sadly secession is not likely but I hope NC tells the feds to FU and halt any cooperation with or funding by the feds, and defie whater the feds order them to do.

  5. I agree that secession is currently not in the cards, but then again I never thought in my lifetime that credible people would be seriously discussing leaving the union. I think many states are already defying some of the "unenforceable" mandates of the feds (i.e. gay marriage with states and counties refusing to perform ceremonies). We live in very interesting and volatile times. Though it may never blow, the fuse in the "powder keg" is shorter than it has been in a long time. Sic Semper Tyrannis!


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