Friday, May 6, 2016

Nicolas Cage In "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage" Trailer...


  1. That will be a good one, and long overdue!

  2. About 20 years ago I met one of the survivors of the Indianapolis by the name of John Matrulla. I will never forget the look in that mans eyes when he told us of the red ocean and body halves floating all around him.
    It was pure hatred for the US Navy and the American government for not coming to rescue then for 4 long days. and unbelievable pain as he relived it one more time.
    I don't think I want to see this movie. Hollywood won't do it justice !

  3. I saw this guy, Edgar Harrell, speak last year at a WWII re-enactment in Linden, TN. He spoke for about twenty minutes and it was riveting. After Mr. Harrell stepped from the podium, I extended my hand to shake his and he took mine. I thanked him for his service and for sharing. I also told him that my high school football coach/principal was a radio operator on the Indianapolis. Mr Harrell asked me, "what was his name"? I replied, "Aubrey Hicks". He still has hold of my hand and replies, "he didn't make it". I said, "but he did. He and three other shipmates went out drinking right before the ship sailed and got plastered. They ended up being AWOL and the shipped sailed without them". Still holding my hand he enthusiastically says. Oh yeah, I remember those boys and that story". He said, "thank you for sharing young man". Hicks, my principal, believed his surviving was Divine Providence and lived his life giving of himself. Coach Hicks was a man who lived and lead by example and lived his life as a Godly man.
    Below is a YouTube video of Edgar Harrell. He also has written a book titled "Out of the Depths".


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