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Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Diversity Will Be Humanity's Destiny,,,,,,,!"

I hate to wish bad fortune upon any person, but for people who play stupid games, there are stupid prizes to be awarded. I wonder why Frank Timmerman feels he, his children, and grandchildren will be insulated from the current "diversity" that is a blight upon Europa.

Moslems will assimilate. Their entire mindset and the cult of islam (intentionally not capitalized) is to eradicate anyone who is not a follower of the pedophile prophet. Check out this article regarding a march in Germany.

"With allah's help, we will conquer you"

Read the entire article HERE. I reckon that is diversity at it's finest Mr. Timmerman.

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  1. Diversity,inclusion and multiculturalism are all mechanisms for discrimination against the white races. We are being slowly exterminated through unchecked immigration, feminism, and laws that give entitlements to the other races. Is it racism to defend your own people and culture? Once humanity is transformed into a mish mashed group of mixed races the elite will rule with ease. There will be no dissension or rebellion due to the lack of social cohesiveness. Essentially creating a slave race. Enjoy your weekend buddy.


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