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Monday, March 28, 2016

45 Years Later.. A Concert Of a Lifetime....

  David Gilmour is returning to Pompei.....

In October 1971, Pink Floyd traveled to Pompeii, Italy for a live performance at the city’s ancient Roman amphitheatre. Only there was no audience in attendance.

Ever the experimentalists, Pink Floyd sought to record their new concert film in the empty stadium. Production took place over four days during which time director Adrian Maben captured the band performing “Echoes” and “One of These Days” from 1971’s Meddle, along with the title track to A Saucerful of Secrets. After completing the film in Paris later in the year, Pink Floyd released Live at Pompeii to critical acclaim, and years later it remains one of the most popular concert films in rock history.



h/t to THEVULGARCURMUDGEON for sending me the email

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  1. I saw Pink Floyd once, at Soldier Field in Chicago for the "Animals" tour.

    Pretty impressive, and I'll bet you could see the smoke clouds in the stadium from space.....


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