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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Pieces Of Straw, That Are Building Up On The Camel's Back, Are You Seeing/ Looking For ?


 Each day it seems that a small "piece of straw" event happens. All of which, when piled up, will

cause the economic and or social collapse that seems to be simmering just under the surface.

 I have been talking with friends and fellow bloggers about the various things that are happening, 

all of which are pointing to the one final straw that breaks the camels back.

Some of these are just random thoughts and are in no particular order.

 Hillary getting a free pass.

Trump being "removed"

Bank Bail Ins

Negative interest rates.

Talk of "New Money"-- no more large bills

Stock market crash

Take over of personal retirement plans

Large Terror Attack In US

Confrontation with N Korea, Russia, China.

False flag ops

Large BLM protest/riot

Any others?


  1. Rampant political correctness
    Overreactions to micro-aggressions
    Further breakdowns in race relations

  2. I'm thinking the bail ins would be just enough to light this whole country off.
    Hillary is going to walk, you watch.

  3. Executive or SCOTUS action to nullify the 2nd Amendment and start confiscating guns.

  4. I think it will be a combination of things.

    1. Hillary walks. And wins the WH. Thus, not only is the Rule of Law completely dead, but the idea that leaders must (theoretically) have a good character.

    2. The federal deficit explodes as businesses hunker down, capital flees the US, spending skyrockets.

    3. With the crumbling US economy, the world slips even faster than it already is. Countries refuse to lend us any more realizing they will NEVER get paid back.

    4. 401k plans are seized to meet ongoing needs with an "IOU" in return; those who complain will be asked "What, you don't trust the 'full faith and credit of the US government'?"

    And the "fun" begins after that.

  5. Tranny freaks potenialy sharing a confined space with one of my children

  6. Hillary walks and wins, and appoints another liberal judge to SCOTUS. Bye bye 2A. Hillary wins because the Repubs refuse to allow Trump to be the candidate and they run a 3rd party. Trump gets smoked by a group of Blackliesmatter Dindu Nuffins, leading to widescale race riots. Hillary puts Baracky in as US Ambassador to UN, and he promptly parlays that into the Secretary General's position. The UN invades a hostile America to relieve the citizenry of any more illegal firearms (all), and that is all she wrote!

  7. More and larger scratch my ass corruption in politics, bureaucracy and big business and banking.more and more back breaking regulations. on the citizens and small business. More free immigration of Muslim "REFUGEE"S", my ass.

  8. I guess I am getting old for real. I care but what can you do? I'll got vote for all the good that will do!

  9. How about the incremental takeover of Public land by the Government. The government can now use those resources as leverage/extortion to other countries for the global takeover.

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  11. In the near term, my biggest worry is the GOP forcing Lying Ted, Juan Kaysich, MIC Marco or Prinz Jeb von Bucsh III (of the dual Busch-Clinton Dynasty) as the nominee. Not only would it ensure Königin Hillary wins, it goes against the very democratic ideas that the country was founded on.

    In the long term my biggest worry is that the country becomes a tyranny of the majority (these can be worse than unelected tyrannies). Many people today are essentially idiots thanks to the politicization of the education system. The less smart people are, the more easily duped they are by demagogues and tyrants.

  12. The only thing I fear the most is that we just give up and collapse without a fight. That's what they are hoping for. Will they be surprised?

  13. how about a solar flare or emp? cyber attack on wall street or major infrastructure? pandemic?


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