Friday, February 19, 2016

The Citizens In Huntington Park CA are Pissed At The Local Government.....

and it seems they are doing something about it.  Check out these videos below.  I'm not sure of the whole back story so I'm hoping someone in the comment section can explain in more detail what is going on there.   These citizens are standing up against the city council.

First, this video from It ain't holy water:

and now this video which was in a link in the above video:

and I found this recent news article...>LINK<


  1. Does that city council take advice from Governor Brown?

  2. Huntington Park is a small city, really more of an enclave adjacent to the City of Los Angeles. Not unlike the fiasco at infamous City of Bell which was in the news a few years back where the city administrator and cohorts were found guilty of fraud, graft, etc., on top of allegations of voter fraud, corruption, etc., by elected officials. As you may suspect these cities are heavily Democrat and, in these cases, have high Hispanic populations which I suspect are also havens for illegals. Nonetheless, these cities are the training grounds for the "corruptocracy" that pervades many of the cities in southern California. Though conservatives and constitutionalists like me are few and far between, we are here and are trying to fight the good fight. What I really find enlightening is that most of the people leading the fight are not conservatives, in my opinion, but Americans (of all ethnicities) whom are standing up for what is right.


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