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Monday, January 11, 2016

Can You Imagine Living Next To Neighbors Like This?

 30 minutes of white trash.............


  1. Well there's a half Hour I'll never get back! Lol
    A train wreck - can't help but look...

  2. Lived next to the Puerto-Rican from New Jersey equivalent for two years.

    No class knows no class or racial boundaries.

  3. Been there, done that. Multiple times. I displayed just enough restraint to keep from prison. Seriously, I got got raided by the cops one night for complaining about this sort of bullshit. They asked if I had a shotgun, while standing on my front porch unarmed. I told them, maybe I do, and maybe I don't. It's none of your business! They went away, when they realized they and I, had been SWAT'd Nobody got shot at, and the perp never showed up around my place again.

  4. Sort of reminds me of my first apartment that was a 6 unit building back in the early 80's. I had the lesbians upstairs where the butch chick's younger brother lived with them - they were also dealing drugs, not just pot. Then there was the two brothers living in the end unit that ran the "trailer-trash whore" certification program who tried to corner the market on "Busch Light in the can" consumption every weekend.

    We had the high traffic and the drama of the drug deals going on upstairs. Add to that the jealous boyfriend/brother/husband of the whore in training at the end unit with the drunken fist fights and occasional warning shot. I got to know the cops too well as they always wanted a statement of what went down in the parking lot.

  5. I had a neighbour from hell. His wife left him and took the 3 kids and while she was moving her shit out his mistress showed up with her 4 kids and a trailer load of her crap to move in.

    A week after the mistress moves in one of her four leaves to move in with her boyfriend and the mistresses exhusband moves into the basement.

    Then eventually the mistresses other 3 got taken by child services and she got pregnant by the guy she was having the affair with and runs off with the baby and some other guy.

    So then it's the original owner living there with his ex-mistresses' ex-husband still in his basement and 4 dead cars and a dozen dead lawnmowers scattered around the yard.

    Now its just him and a yard full of trash and abandoned furniture.


  6. LOL, not next to but directly across the street from these folks 'cousins', I'd bet! he huffed and puffed one day about how he "was gonna whoop my ass for me' (maybe 10 times a day, every day, for weeks), 1 day while walking our dog I finally got tired of his mouth, tied the dog up to a telephone pole and told his fat ass to get busy or STFU...he, of course, did nothing...police show up maybe 20 minutes later (his 'wife= breeder called them, I guess), talked to both of us, then go back across to his "place" (its really ours, the taxpayers, but...)and I guess one of them told fat boy I'm a former airborne ranger...LOL...fat ass hasn't said not a word to me since! God I LOVE this country!

  7. Heh.
    Those guys aren't near as bad as the Katrina "refugees" that got placed next door to me.
    It's pure luck nobody got shot.


  8. I really good investment in security cameras. It teaches me that there is a real need to go HIDEF if you want to get enough face details for a prosecution. There are only two things normal people can do: Go bunker or run away, regardless of the cost.

    Stuff like that makes me think all sorts of uncivilized tactics.

  9. what are they looking for in hubcaps, wheel wells, and under rear bumpers?
    these people have the vote!

  10. I will never complain about my neighbors again.


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