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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Couple Good Videos To Watch and Share...

First up, this one from MOONBATTERY

Where this comment was left by Hans Pfall in regards to Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory's vid:

Now THERE is a real man. I know nothing of him but what I saw in this video. Dignity. Intelligence. Eloquence. Patriotism. Fortitude. Forthrightness. Directness of speech without equivocation or hesitation. Unafraid to reference God's word in the Bible.
This should be played on every television station in the country. This man should he held up as a roll model for ALL Americans, but especially those in the black community. His manner and presentation should give a sense of shame to the "Baby-daddy, Glo-zel, ebonic, hip-hop, thug" culture that is Black America today. His grasp of the issues and ability to articulate them should give a sense of shame to ALL of the ignorant, uninformed, radical leftist, America-hating "millennials" that can't take their eyes off their iPhones.
Is there anyone here that wouldn't be proud to have a gentleman like that as a friend or neighbor? Men like that make me remember why I'm proud to be an American.

Second is Pat Condell found at WHATBUBBAKNOWS

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  1. EXCELLENT! Hussein has done more to divide the races and keep American blacks enslaved to the welfare system than any president in American history. Slavery is slavery whether it be in iron chains or invisible ones that hobble and hinder a man (or woman) form reaching their full potential in life by introducing the host to a life of complacency via .gov handouts. LBJ and BHO will go down in history as the most evil slave holding men ever.


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