Tuesday, October 20, 2015

So Let Me Know If You Heard This One Before.... A Muslim Attacks Flight Crew and Threatens To Blow Up Plane...

...and the media plays the sounds of crickets....

Something stunning happened last week on a JetBlue from New York bound for South Florida, but most of America hasn’t heard a word about it.
Because it was done by a Muslim, and the media doesn’t want you to know that.
There has been scant coverage of this incident. No big media, no mug shots, nothing. But it’s a big story. Punching out flight attendants and threatening to blow up the plane is terrorism


sent in by Leigh 


  1. And he is out on bond..

    1. You have got to be shitting me!
      If any one of us did this, we'd be on our way to Gitmo!
      But we can't ruin the refugee/immigrant narrative that is being rammed down our throats, now can we?

      Seems to me he has a questionable visa status as well, yet they cut him loose on the streets?
      Here's another question - How can an illegal get on a plane without proper credentials, yet everyone of us has to have a "Secure ID"?
      There is so much about this that pisses me off, I feel like I'm having an aneurysm!

      Whitehall, NY

    2. A year ago there was a story that the TSA was letting illegals on planes with just the easily forged ID that is hand written and given to them when they get picked up crossing the border.


  2. Good job spreading the news, Irish! Stories like this is why the SOB's want control of the internet.


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