Sunday, October 18, 2015

"NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE" : Just another example of a politician exploiting a minor situation for political gain

Near the heart of the civil rights struggle presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton roused black democrats with a pledge to champion voting rights and accusations that Republicans are dismantling generations of racial progress. Clinton goes on to declare, "this is a blast from the Jim Crow past!". All of this was based on a simple story of budget cuts closing some drivers license issuing offices and state parks during "off seasons". Drivers licenses are still being issed in every county in Alabama, but Hildebeast couldn't pass up the chance.  Story here

It is amazing how these liberals find a way to make any issue they choose too a RACIAL issue. Yet, they are seemingly oblivious to the "double standard" where racial injustice doesn't fit their design and vis versa does not apply if the situation happens to be a black perpetrator and the victim white. Hildebeast is still living in the hippie-glory days of the 60's and using Lyndon B. Johnson's strategy towards southern blacks of political pandering and baiting with free stuff ( an actual quote from Lyndon B. Johnson: "I'll have them niggers voting democrat for the next two hundred years") The real reason some remote drivers license offices (this doesn't mean that drivers licenses are no longer being issued as there are still drivers licenses offices open in every county) are being closed in Alabama  by governor "Benedict" Bentley (another self-serving RHINO who has broken multiple campaign promises but that is another story) is the fact that  Alabama, though conservative overall, has grown into a mini model of the federal government and has become bloated with bureauCATS. The state simply has more money going out than coming in to Montgomery. Or, one could say that we have too many hogs feeding at the government trough! I honestly believe that not one of the candidates running for president disguised as a democrat (based upon what I heard the other night during the democrat presidential debates that all are socialist or communist) could not pass a general/basic math course. Neither do they demonstrate any knowledge of history because if they did they would know that nations cannot survive using the "tax and spend" or  the STEAL and DISTRIBUTE tactics these power-hungry zealots are espousing. With all of that said, I will say ANY person living in Alabama or in the United States for that matter (white, black, brown. red, yellow, or brown), should say loud and clear, "shame on you Hillary for assuming that I am so ignorant and so uninformed"! It is not Alabama that needs to move forward from the Jim Crow era, but the it is these liberal fanatics and the democrat party. Jeffery

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