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Saturday, July 18, 2015

With these issues on his resume, what is this President's actual agenda and endgame?

He makes deals with Iran, ignores ISIS, alienates our allies while pandering to our enemies, ignores all military advice and refuses to call Islamic extremists by name!

And then, when ISIS attacks and kills 4 of our Marines, he speaks about it with the same level of passion I imagine he would express if his steak came out too rare.

I ask again can a President be this bad and consistently wrong by accident?

I don't think so! Manchurian President anyone?

From October 15, 2014 this synopsis is worth a replay...

Open Letter To Liberals: Obama and a sad I told you so!

I bring up this 'I told you so' certainly up not to gloat, but as a reminder to all of the liberals out there that elections can and do have consequences!

This article is meant primarily for all those liberals at the restaurant, the bar, the beach, the gym and any 
of the other places where I've had verbal fights about the political realities in the US and Barack Obama in particular.

Pre-2008 and even in 2012 they would all say that Obama was going to be the man to transform America and that McCain and Romney were jokes.

Not that they could tell you why this was the case but after all liberals will be liberals no matter what.

And unfortunately they were right about one thing: This President has been doing his level best to change this country!

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