Tuesday, July 14, 2015

♫♫ Set The Jukebox Back To 1966...... ♫♫

Coauthor Jeffery put up a post earlier about the Red Baron. Scroll down a couple of posts.

Corey commented "Snoopy still shot his ass down".   Which reminded me of this song below.

I was 4 going on 5 and I remember playing this 45 over and over and over..


  1. 1966 was a good year! The year I finished college---yep, a few years older than you!

    1. Well Ron, I guess you do have a few years on me. :-)

  2. I was 15 years old, and had my learner's permit to drive.

  3. That is crazy Irish as I almost put that video under the B&W footage. I too had a 45 of the Royal Guardsmen's hit and I played it again and again. I may be wrong, but wasn't Snoopy's Christmas on the flip side?


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