Thursday, July 16, 2015

What Big Fur Hat Says......Demand It Now...


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    1. We just are not able to mobilize and hit them from all sides like the left. I think it's because most of us have to work to fund all this shit. ;-)

  2. Moslem, not muslim.

    Moslem is the spelling used by the Anglosphere for a couple of centuries.

    Muslim is what the PC crowd wants us to use.

    Don't be PC.

    And treat their flags the way the Lefties treat the Confederate flag.

    And the american flag.

    1. Why is it that I alway's learn something new when you comment? ;)


  3. Outstanding catch my man. I saw this the other day but it took me a bit to get around to responding. I copied it, made a few comments on it over at my place and gave you credit for finding it.

    Notice that the silence from The Left on this is deafening.


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