Thursday, April 2, 2015

Unarmed Black Transgender Killed By Law Enforcement!!!.....Why No Hashtags? Where Is The Outrage?

   Where is Sharpton, Jackson, the Black Lives Matters Crowd? The LGBT Protesetors?

The media sucks and is complicit in manufacturing fake outrage. How many lives have been
lost and property damaged due to the media and it's agenda driven biased reporting?

It's all smoke and mirrors and the media is controlling it from behind the curtain.

Read this and think about how much leverage they have over the non-thinking public.

Why No Riots for Ricky Shawatza Hall?

Ah, you ask yourself. Just who is Ricky Shawatza Hall? Ricky is the driver of the SUV that NSA police killed as he drove wildly on the National Security Agency grounds at Fort Meade on Monday.
What makes Hall worthy of a riot? Well, two things, no three things, no four things. One is that he is black. The other is that he is a she or at least in the transitional stage of assuming an identity of preference. The third is that Hall, a.k.a. “Maya,” was unarmed, at least if you don’t count the stolen SUV. And the fourth is that Hall had no apparent criminal intent, if you don’t count escaping from the police.
Hall and his passenger were dressed as women at the time of the crash. According to the FBI, they did not dress this way to disguise themselves from authorities. They did not seem to have terror in mind.


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