Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Guest Post.... " The Parts of the Conservative Snake Must Join, or We All Die"

The Parts of the Conservative Snake Must Join, or We All Die

By AFOI    


After weeks of China’s highly-visible drills from the newly-constructed and christened military airfields, each time stopping just short of intruding into Japanese airspace / seaspace around the Senkaku Islands (small islands currently in Japanese hands) while ramping up diplomatic pressure for a “negotiated compromise” and using their military drills as an intimidation tactic, China’s military units do not stop.  Having lulled Japan and America into complacency with a “Boy who cried wolf!” tactic, cruise missiles sped from disguised Chinese ships that had, only in retrospect examination, encircled the islands.  Non-nuclear EMP weapons, developed and tested surreptitiously over isolated locations in western China, were quickly followed by airstrikes which crippled the Japanese military units there.  Similarly, Japanese military bases in Japan-proper were similarly hit with a one-two EMP/airstrike punch sequence to hinder any counterattack. 

These missiles and air assaults were swiftly followed by a mass airborne troop assault to the islands coupled with follow-on amphibious landings.  Daring special-forces operations quickly overwhelmed the confused resistance in critical sites like airfields, which were quickly put to use receiving reinforcements of men and materials to defend the captured islands.

Japan’s government screamed for aid – from other countries and especially from the US which, per treaty, was obliged to come to Japan’s aid; in April 2014 President Obama confirmed that the Senkaku Islands were explicitly considered part of that mutual aid treaty.  Chinese diplomats delivered a clear ultimatum: a response from the US in support of Japan would be considered an act of war against China, and casus belli for military action against America itself.  Strong but subtle hints were made about the first use of nuclear weapons, as had been threatened before.

From there, it almost doesn’t matter which choice is made.  The world, with piles of interconnected tinder scattered everywhere, stands on a knife edge, with one pile already burning.  


If the US does uphold its treaty obligations, it will become enmeshed in a long-distance, mostly naval war against an enemy that has doubtless planned for such contingencies as a part of its overall planning.  China’s new weapons, such as its hypersonic missiles and ballistic carrier destroyers, may well be discovered through catastrophic losses to be farther along than thought with their maturity masked by deceptive tests and misinformation.  Backdoors in US military electronics, made in China, could be exploited to shut down the sophisticated capabilities of advanced US systems even with prior efforts to root them out.

More deadly, though, the Chinese penetration of utilities like America’s electric grid may be found to be far more pervasive than thought, and the American electrical grid might be brought down through a concentrated wave of cyber attacks.  The resulting domestic chaos would result in a US government having to divide its attention between the war and the widespread domestic unrest.

If the US does not uphold its mutual-aid obligations, every ally – whether in Europe and NATO, in the Middle East like Israel, and across Asia – will have explicit confirmation that America does not have their back despite signed and ratified treaties.  More importantly, potential aggressor nations like Russia, Iran, and North Korea will see America and its deterrent on their actions slinking from the field – and act accordingly.

Russia would doubtless step up its penetration into Ukraine, or possible consolidate its gains there and go for the Scandinavian countries, or the Baltic nations, or press into Kazakhstan to capture Baikonur, their spaceport, a strategic asset.  Putin would have multiple options, and doubtless has made contingency plans for all of them.  Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, already close to direct blows over Yemen with Saudi Arabia’s assault on the Iranian-backed rebels here, and not only having the doctrinal split also have the long-standing mutual hatred between the Arabs and Persians, get into it directly.  ISIS would doubtless capitalize on the situation, and Israel would likely get dragged in as well.  Greece and Turkey, both laying claim to Cyprus, indulge in their mutual hatred.

North Korea, not famous for stable and benevolent leaders, might launch an attack on South Korea as China – both its patron and restraint – is distracted.  India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers with a decades-long simmering anger at each other, could pull the trigger.  Muslim colonist populations in Western Europe, approaching critical mass in multiple countries, could erupt and plunge normal allies like England, France, Italy, Spain, and others into domestic chaos – and thus unable to render any assistance anywhere else.


It doesn’t matter if it’s China that first lights the match.  It could be Putin attacking a Baltic state, as envisioned in this cynical piece, triggering a choice to honor NATO obligations, or not.  It could be Iran attacking Israel, having made more progress on its nuclear program than thought, or they could attack America directly through an EMP missile launched from a ship, outlined in three videos here, here, and discussed at length here, collapsing America as a world power and thus unleashing aggressors everywhere.  Putin especially, having practiced nuclear attack runs on America, might do it for real seeing the collapse of America from multiple possible causes.

Once lit, the flame will spread.  And the world will burn.

We stand upon a precipice.  The collapse of American military power under Imperius Barackus Rex, and the weakening of American resolve and belief in our – and by extension Western Civilization’s – inherent superiority by a relentless and decades-long assault by the Left, have emboldened our enemies.

Conservatives MUST UNITE to take back the White House in 2016.  We must retain the House.  We must strengthen our hold on the Senate to a filibuster-proof majority.  And we must make strengthening our military, and rebuilding our allies and alliances, an absolute top priority.

While we may disagree on abortion, drug policy, immigration, and other things that are worthy of discussion and debate, to allow the Left to keep the White House guarantees that America’s retreat from being the central, Pax Americana stabilizer in the world, will result in emboldened enemies.  And we need to pray to whatever deity we love that the world doesn’t ignite before then.  Because if it does, we’re smoked meat.  Literally.  Next to that one concern, the others fall away as mere trifles to be discussed another day.

Let me begin my own prayer.  Baruch Atta Adonai, Eloheinu Melech Ha’Olam... (Blessed are Thou oh Lord our G-d, King of the Universe...)


  1. What collapse of military power? We spent as much on the military this year as we did in 2005. Was the military collapsing in 2005? The problem is that we have defense treaties with nations all around the world. Every one of them needs to be repudiated and all our troops brought home. The defense of Japan, South Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Kuwait, Germany, Israel and every other nation is the responsibility of those nations, not the American tax payer.

    Thomas Jefferson told us how to do it. When we quit listening to his sage advice we started failing as a nation. "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none."

  2. Someone better tell that moron Kerry what Thomas Jefferson said.

  3. Someone better tell that moron Kerry what Thomas Jefferson said.


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