Thursday, April 2, 2015

Link O'rama

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** You do NOT give $50 MILLION out of the generosity of your heart.
** Gotta admit, George Carlin had a point.  (Saw him live once - well worth the money.)
** Cartoon about Shrillary.
** I doubt Shrillary thought of this.  What I suspect is that it's all about the Clintons and preventing
access to records "just in case".
** Future democrat voters.
** Video.  A pastor who born a Muslim, and who was attacked by Muslims because he was an apostate, has a must-hear message for everyone.

** From 1920 to 1948 THIS was the flag of "Palestine".
** Not only good in and of itself, but some exceptional links.
** Prince Charles - the man who has never needed to work or actually build anything.
** Pictures of the SIX MEN who died looking for that POS deserter.[1].jpeg
** I'm seeing a lot of pictures about how NATO is hemming in Russia, pictures of Russian
triuphalism, and so on.  Granted, it's a Russian site, but even so, the number of pictures
with a militaristic theme is worrisome.
** A much, much bigger threat - albeit fortunately rare - than a degree or two of warming.
** Unspeakable.
** Quote: "It's not enough for the Gay Left to have legal gay marriage; their victory isn't complete until
they can force non-supporters into celebrating with them. To quote that great political sage, Gul Dukat:
"A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. To force them
to acknowledge your greatness."  >> Love the DS9 reference.  But this is exactly what it's about.  Look,
what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is NONE of my business.  I agree that there
needs to be some legal framework for gay couples.  But don't call it "marriage".
** Four minutes of awesome video on Communism.
** Quote: "Your rights are precisely what you can seize and hold for yourself by strength of arm or force of wit."
>> AMEN!
** Sweet takedown of Barackus.

** Embedded quote: "Co-sponsored by the United States, it was labelled a "short procedural text,"
consisting of just three operative paragraphs that contained not a single condemnation of Iran."
** It's only a bunch of cells, nothing to worry about even if you're scraping it out.  But when mom
smokes a cigarette or has a drink... watch out for the concern police.
** What will be funny is the MSM using the same arguments to attack Cruz's "inexperience" as the Right did
to attack Barackus.
** Say it sister!  And there does seem to be an outright desperation to "reach an agreement", no matter
how bad.  WHY?
** Quote: ""The US negotiating team are mainly there to speak on Iran's behalf with other members of the 5+1
countries and convince them of a deal," he said."  >> Again, WHY?
** When you've lost the Washington Post...
** With friends like these, who needs enemies.  What's that phrase "Aid and comfort" refer to again?
** First Cornell, now this.  Let's assume these people are serious in their support; clearly they're so
idiotic they need to be sterilized.
** Martial law will, IMHO, arrive after a Reichstag fire moment.
** But... but... but world's largest open-air prison camp!
** But... but... but apartheid!  Related:
** And people applaud.  And people think that the remaining Jews, once Israel is destroyed, will be protected.
** Can you even grasp this?  A majority of those polled see President Obama as A THREAT to America!
** No, it is NOT an accident.  He wants to see the world burn.
** Quote: "Israel doesn't have a law banning minarets, as Switzerland does, or a law barring civil servants from
wearing headscarves, as France does; nor does it deny citizenship to Arabs just because they can't speak the
majority's language, as Latvia does to some 300,000 ethnic Russians born and bred there."  >> But... but...
but Israel apartheid.  Because Jews, that's why.  Related:
** Quote: "Over the summer, a poll taken by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion showed that 89% of Gazans
supported rocket attacks against Israel."
** Damn, but Milton Friedman nails it here.
** Hey Jewish Democrats.  Pay attention.
** For many of my relatives, Barackus could watch as mushroom clouds erupt in Israel, kneel down on a prayer
rug thanking Allah, and they'd still vote Democrat and think Barackus was great.
** Quote: "Thirty years ago Reagan agreed to amnesty under the assumption democrats would honor their promises,
they did not."  >> Never, never, never, never, never trust a Democrat politician specifically, and distrust
Democrats in general.
** Yes, the Shiite rebels will be howling... for Iran to resupply them.
** Can you imagine ANY precious-snowflake Leftist woman having a fraction of the courage of these women?
** Barackus and the military.  No wonder Barackus is replacing so many at the upper levels.
** READ THIS WHOLE THING.  WOW.  What a testament to Reagan's strength and the impact it had.
** Read this touching tribute to Reagan.
** Quote: "But what is clear, meanwhile, is that the PA is continuing to show its true colors by condemning
Israel for using military force against Hamas on the one hand, while urging Arabs to use military force against
Hamas on the other hand."  >> Because JEWS.
** Unlike actual Segregation, this is self-imposed, so it's their choice.  But MLK Jr is twirling in his grave.
** Prager University video.  No wonder college costs are going through the roof.
** Supplied by Iran.
** Tolerance is not the goal.  Sanction is.  Power is.  Related:
** Of course the MSM does.  They're enemy agents.
** Remember, these people are MISSIONARIES.  The end justifies the means.
** Leftists over here start salivating.
** Leftists can't handle arguments.
** China, shaking.
** A vaccine for cancer?  I openly call on the BDSers to boycott.
** The MSM, exposed.
** Gee, I wonder why.

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