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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh, Isn't That Cute... I Just Crossed Paths With.....

..this. In Massachusetts. Parked in the corner in the industrial complex I went to.

Leidos MRAP.. LINK

I wonder what it's destination is?


  1. Don't worry it's only for criminals.

  2. Those things are a really sweet ride. I had two in Iraq. Much nicer inside than an armored HMMWV. The Army had thousands of these things that we don't want. We're glad someone took them off our hands so we don't have to pay to scrap them.

  3. Somewhere out there is a freedom that must be rolled over.

  4. If that thing sits for a couple of months it won't crank and if it sits for six months it'll be just another pile of scrap metal.


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