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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From The Road....

I just spent over 3 hours on a round trip business run. It's amazing the amount of traffic that is on the highways at all hours.  I left after lunch and just returned a little while ago.  I saw 3 accidents and countless brake lights. Mind you this is mid afternoon on a Tuesday... where the F*&K is everyone going?

This is the volume of traffic, no accident, no rain, just cars....


Needless to say I think this song is apropos......


  1. I often wonder the same thing.
    Boils down to the fact that so few people have jobs these days.
    It's all covered by massive fed printing of dollars to pay for all the food stamps etc.
    All those people not working are a sign that things are gonna get ugly sometime very soon.

    Exquisit music!

  2. I agree Timbo. Glad you enjoyed bucket head. Search youtube for some good songs. Amazing guitarist


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