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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Bunker Has Been Infiltrated... I Shall Bring The Swift Hand Of Doom To The Enemy....

I keep my bacon fat in a tray on the grill just in case I want to make something yummy like
hmmm.. more bacon! or maybe deep fried eggs.... anyway.. I cooked some bacon last friday
and made a conscience effort to protect my stash of yummy bacon grease. When I bought
the aluminum trays I also bought the lids so I could steam veggies or keep something warm.
I figured that would be protection enough.....

Yummy Bacon Grease!

I opened the grill today after my hike and WTF???
Closer inspection?  WHAT THE!??...  he was busy.. 

The little bastard went all around the edge chewing at the seam
He won't live to see the full moon tomorrow..........


  1. All your bacon are belong to you.
    No mercy.

  2. I assume there will be death pics if the little thief is caught.Oh and that is some nice header up there:)

  3. Should be able to track the little bastard down with a metal detector, by the looks of it. He must have really good oral care habits. If he had any fillings he would not have made it as far as he did on that aluminum.

  4. Keep all that yummy bacon grease in a good old fashioned canning jar - then just unscrew the lid and take out what you need with a spoon. That should keep the critter population down. 'Hope you catch the little thief!.


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