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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Irish 1... Bacon Thief 0

R.I.P  little guy... when it comes to bacon , it's personal.

To complete the circle of life. I will place him outside for one of the local crows or hawks to 
use as breakfast.


  1. Don't forget to put his head on a little pike as a warning to the others.


  2. Where there is one, there are many, be vigilant!

  3. I want to hear the lamentations of his women...

  4. never come between a man and his bacon.

  5. My uncle had a mouse in his kitchen that stole the bait from the traps, then continued his depredations. So, one night he loaded up his .22 rifle, lay down on the kitchen floor with the light on, and waited. After a while, Mr. Mouse came out of the wall under the refrigerator. My uncle shot him. End of problem. Who says firearms are not useful?

  6. Send him to me, Irish. I'll complete that circle of life and feed him to CharlieGodammit. He'll eat him if he's bacon flavored.


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