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Monday, December 16, 2013

Lunchtime Trail Walk... Leads to Childhood Memories...

I try and walk everyday on the trails in the conservation land near the sooper sekrit bunker.

  Not too long ago they looked like this:

Now they look like this with 10 inches of snow... ( more coming tomorrow):

Ya...I'm just a big kid sometimes................. ( and yes the snow went down the back of my pants)

Maybe I'll go on ebay and try and find some old skool goodies like these:

( Ahhhh the 1970's, it wasn't fun unless someone ended up bleeding or hurt.....)


  1. Ah, Flexible Flyer sleds! We would put one on top of the other - like an airplane and it would hold four or five of us. Always more fun to do at night under the street lights. (Of course there were a lot less cars on the roads back then!)
    ps You are NEVER too old to make snow angels - trust me.... :0)

    1. Ah, Flexible Flyer sleds!

      Looks like mine! :)

      Just think how times have changed considering this:

      When I was a boy, my mother would say
      "If it snows, you don't see Brock from after breakfast until it's dark."

      Can you imagine this today? She didn't have a worry in the world, as she knew someone would look out for, feed, and/or chastise me.

    2. Good times, Mr.Townsend; good times! :0)

  2. The red thing looks like some kind of really weird sex toy my ex GF might have tried.


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