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Monday, November 26, 2012

Christians Riot and Kill and Behead and Issue Death Sentence for Artist!!!

.... Oh Wait a minute.. I guess "This" "artwork" is something Christians must tolerate.

Here is the STORY.

Maybe that artist can get real edgy and do a painting of Obama as Mohammed?

That would be good for some laughs, wouldn't it?  I bet he doesn't have the balls.

h/t to AWD


  1. If the attempt was not to compare Obama to Jesus, then why the crown of thorns on Obama. What a bullshitter, I think, is that artist. Of course, I think, he meant for a comaprisson to Jesus who is the only person of whom I have ever heard who was crucified while wearing a crown of thorns! That crown was unique to Jesus Christ as far as I am aware and as far as anyhting reported in history up until then goes. I do not give a shit about offending religious people (for instance fuck Allah) with the truth but sure would like to hear the actual truth from those who spew out the offensive slobber.

    I think the artist is just a liberal uber whimp trying to make it sound as if somehow his rights were offended when, to me, it seems as if he was actually trying to offend but just is not man enough to admit such.

  2. Glenn, what was that passage in Revelation about the anti-christ coming to earth and fooling the many?

    And I agree, it should have a painting done of itself as Mo-Ham-Ed. If it is supposed to be the savior of the planet, it should do so to all!

  3. Well, went through Revelation 12, 13, and 14. Found a lot of descriptives, but not the exact passage I was looking for. Daniel had some good stuff too. This embodies part of the thought I was having.

  4. In America today such an act would land you in jail for a year.
    The left are the Man

  5. What the hell is that on his head ? , Oprah`s G - string ?.


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